Regular microscope servicing will ensure your instruments are in the best possible condition and working to specification for maximum optical performance. A misaligned microscope with dirty objectives will not only affect the user’s ability to view their subject, but can also be detrimental to their eyesight.

Microscope Services Ltd engineers have experience totalling over 50 years in the servicing and repair of microscopes across the UK. We know how crucial it is to have clean, well prepared instruments to ensure users are able to work efficiently. Whether you are using dissecting stereo microscopes, upright compound microscopes or inverted microscopes we have the necessary knowledge and skills to make a difference.

As our engineers are fully trained in all forms of microscopy, we can help you achieve the best results possible with all your optical instruments. More complex systems with DIC, Phase Contrast, Fluorescence and IMC will benefit from being expertly serviced and precisely aligned to achieve optimum results.

We can offer on-site servicing with annual contracts or one-off visits allowing minimal interruption to user workflow. Alternatively, where on-site visits are unsuitable, we are happy to receive microscopes via courier, to be serviced in our workshop before being returned to you in excellent condition and ready to use.