Leica S9i

Available in a variety of specifications for diverse needs the S9i stereo microscope boosts efficiency and optimises optical inspections in your work, due to:

  • FusionOptics technology with 12 mm depth of field to find details fast
  • High magnification up to 55x and 9:1 zoom for quick changes from overview to details
  • 122 mm working distance for easy sample manipulations under the microscope with more space for your tools
  • Integrated, network-camera for easy image sharing
  • Operators can effortlessly switch from overview to detail with the uniquely high 9:1 zoom, speeding up inspection and manipulation
  • Apo corrected zoom optics with 55x magnification reveal new details in your sample.
  • HD-microscope images live streamed to your PC, HD-monitor, or mobile device from an integrated 10 MP CMOS-camera with up to 35 frames a second and can be connected with your facility’s network by Ethernet
  • Results can be documented quickly and reliably in video or image format




- 9:1 zoom with magnification 6.1x-55x (10x eyepieces, no supplementary lens) – provides field of view up to 37.6mm for fast, accurate inspection

- 12mm Depth of Field with Fusion Optics

- Greenough optical design – providing a very flat (plan) field of view and large depth of field

- Complete apochromatic corrected microscopy system - 35° angle eye tubes - for comfort and convenience

- 122 mm standard working distance (without lens shield) – ensures excellent accessibility to the samples

- Resolution up to 250 lp/mm (without supplementary lens, 10x eyepieces), maximum resolution up to 500 lp/mm (2x supplementary lens, 10x eyepieces)

- Clickstops at 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x and 50x

- Inspection at specific magnification can be easily repeated

- "ZeroStat" antistatic polymer microscope covers

- Minimize risk of ESD (electrostatic discharge) of sensitive components

- Large range of supplementary lenses as well eyepieces

- adapt the optical performance to the application requirements

- Integrated digital color camera with CMOS sensor

- Possible to operate with an HDMI monitor and without PC

- High definition live image 1920x1080p, 35fps

- JPG images with max.10 Mpixels

- MP4 movie clips with max. 2 Mpixels

- Camera control via computer (PC mode) or via remote control RC2/RC3 (HD mode)

- Capture of JPGs or MP4s directly to SD card

- USB2 connection, compatible with PCs and notebooks