Leica M205C

Advance into unexplored territory with FusionOptics™

It does not matter if you need a large work surface with lots of room for handling specimens or analyzing the tiniest details, which were previously detectable only with a light microscope.

Today, with the extraordinary FusionOptics™ zoom, Leica Microsystems has set a new standard for stereomicroscopy. What was previously thought to be an optical impossibility is now reality in the Leica M205 C. The zoom range of 7.8×–160×, objectives from 0.63×–5×, and an enormous selection of accessories make this a system that performs superbly in any application.

Your Advantages:

- FusionOptics™ - combines high resolution and depth of field together for ideal 3-D observation
- 1x Planapo resolution of 0.9 micron produces very detailed images in stereoscopic viewing
- Fully apochromatic 20.5:1 zoom – provides detailed imaging and reduces need to change to another instrument
- The Leica integrated Microscope Assistant allows you to benefit from the full digital integration of microscope, illumination and microscope camera
- Electronic magnification readout allows easy repetition of imaging parameters and analysis


- PlanApo 1x objective
- 20.5:1 manual/motorized zoom with FusionOptics™
- Zoom range 7.8x-160x
- Object field 29.5mm-1.44mm
- Working distance 61.5mm (Planapochromat)
- Wide-field eyepieces
- Large incident-light base with black-and-white stage insert and Antishock™ feet
- Binocular Tube

Optional upgrades and extras

- A wide variety of trinocular tubes and c-mounts for stand-alone camera systems
- Stand-alone camera systems
- Objective revolver
- A wide variety of Planapochromatic alternative/additional objectives
- A wide variety of ergonomic tubes
- A wide variety of different eyepieces
- Transmitted light high-performance base
- Gliding, heated, rotating and mechanical stages
- A wide variety of different illuminators to meet every need
- Integrated IC80 HD modular camera for Leicas M-Series with integrated SD card slot
- Measurement graticules for length measurement and counting
- Left- and right-handed drawing tubes
- Discussion tube for two observers