Leica Flourescence Ringlight

Uniform and flicker-free illumination

The new Leica-FLRL is especially designed for illumination tasks where a very uniform and even light is required, like for microscopy or image processing. These, and the following qualities, make the FLRL the ideal illumination system for a wide range of applications:

Your Advantages:

- Constant colour temperature 5.500 K 

- Ripple- and flicker-free illumination by high-frequent current supply (25 kHz) 

- 2-step-brightness control without variation of colour temperature 

- Increased lamp-life by a new smooth lamp ignition 

- 360° – shadow free illumination 

- Unique ESD-safe model 

- Sound- and vibration-free operation 

- Universal mounting system for objectives up to 66 mm diameter 

- Easy and tool-free lamp change 

- Independent stand-alone operation possible 

- “Cold light” 

- Lamp-housing with anti-static qualities