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Photonic Optics F3000 LED Lightsource

The new Photonic LED lightsource F3000 has been developed for routine and high-end applications in the sector of microscopy. This light source is compatible with all fibre-optic lights in the Photonic series and is brighter than a 150 W halogen…

Price £650.00 ex VAT
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Prior Lumen 200

Lumen 200 is a high performance, cost effective system for fluorescence illumination designed and manufactured by Prior Scientific. Prior Scientific has been manufacturing illumination systems for fluorescence microscopy for over 20 years. This…

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CoolLED pE-100

The CoolLED pE-100 LED source for fluorescence microscopy completely removes the need for hazardous mercury in the laboratory. Simply select the wavelength you need from the extensive range (see brochure) and specify the microscope model. The pE-…

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CoolLED pE-100 Combiner

The new pE-100 Combiner from CoolLED allow you to combine two pE-100's together for a single connection to one microscope. Enjoy being able to instantly switch between two wavelengths of light or use them both simultaneously for combined…

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Leica Flourescence Ringlight

The new Leica-FLRL is especially designed for illumination tasks where a very uniform and even light is required, like for microscopy or image processing. These, and the following qualities, make the FLRL the ideal illumination system for a wide…

Price £265.00 ex VAT
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Leica EL6000

External Fluorescence Light Source With Metal Halide Bulb

- No alignment necessary

- Long bulb life

- No heat to microscope and specimen

- For all Leica upright, inverted and stereo microscopes


Price £3063.00 ex VAT
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Photonic Optics PL3000

Photonic is one of the leading companies in the optics and opto-electronics industry and has gained a great deal of expertise in the field of light projection and fiber optics.Indeed, our experience dates back to the founding years of the optical…

Price £520.00 ex VAT
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Photonic Optics LED-Set Ringlight 66/40 (L=1000mm) Working Distance 55-120mm

The LED ringlight (40 LEDs) provides for exceptionally bright and homogenous object illumination and is designed for 66 mm lens diameter microscopes. The ringlight is secured by means of a screw and spring to protects the lens. This set comes…

Price £394.00 ex VAT
LED Backlight
Photonic Optics LED- Set Universal Backlight

This transmitted light illuminator can be positioned on the stereomicroscope work surface and features exceptionally uniform daylight-quality illumination, long-life LEDs and a compact design.

Price £445.00 ex VAT
LED Hi Power Spot 1 Kit
Photonic Optics LED Hi Power 1-Spot Kit

The new Photonic LED Hi-Power spot has been specifically developed for microscopy illumination tasks. The special construction of this spot allows optimal heat dissipation over the cooling fins so that the illuminated objects will not be heated.…

Price £268.00 ex VAT